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Last modified: June 20, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this non-profit program save the County my tax dollars?
Police investigations cost hundreds to multi-thousands of dollars depending on the manpower and resources required to bring a case to a close. One tip to crime solvers can eliminate hundreds of staff-hours in background checks and field investigations. Many tips lead directly to the criminal source.

Why would someone want to call Crime Solvers?
There are several reasons. The first, people just don't want to get involved in the often drawn out court procedures. On the other hand, they don't want the criminal to go undetected either.

Another caller may just want sweet revenge on the ex-spouse, roommate, boyfriend, or co-conspirator. Others just think their information might be helpful in general.

Who calls Crime Solvers?
Concerned citizens, ex-lovers, drug dealers, and criminal associates. Why would a drug dealer call? To eliminate the competition, of course.

How are the reward amounts determined?
We use a scale which gives points for: the type of crime solved; the number of arrests made; risk to the caller, if any; the value of recovered property or seized narcotics. All or any of the above will equate to a reward value.

How do I get paid if I'm an anonymous caller?
You are issued a confidential code number when your information is relayed to Crime Solvers. You maintain contact by checking on the status of your information.

Are the phones traced and recorded?
Absolutely not! Crime Solvers has separate phone lines for Crime Solvers callers. They have never been recorded or traced and never will. That would destroy the trust in our local programs.